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Posted by Carina Diaz on November 13, 2020

Searching for a job is not an easy task, much less during a worldwide pandemic. It’s harder than ever to stand out amongst the competition. Below are some tips that have helped me the most in finally landing a job after months of applying.


Put yourself out there

Building relationships is a great way to stand out in the job search process. New connections are happening daily on Linkedin, so it’s important to keep your profile updated. You never know who might be looking. Reaching out to my Linkedin connections to see who is willing to chat over zoom has been a game changer. Informational interviews can help to not only motivate you, but it’s an opportunity to ask how someone got to where they are. Some examples of open-ended questions are below. Facebook groups are another way to see what positions are open in your area that might not be shared on any other job posting site. Two main groups for San Antonio are the SA Communications Jobs and Hey Girl Hey, which is specifically for women. For Austin, ADJ is the group to connect with. Another option to consider is joining a bootcamp or apprenticeship program, such as the ones offered through Digital Creative Institute. These programs are beneficial if you want to change fields or upskill your resume. DCI’s programs are unique in that they provide mentorship, which is very helpful for answering questions and having support along the way.





Learning from free resources

In the age of the Internet, there are several free online resources at your fingertips. Hubspot has many free certifications and is a great resource to learn more about best practices for digital marketing. Signing up for email newsletters can keep you updated with current news and trends in the tech world. I recommend the Clikk and Morning Brew. Now don’t laugh at this, but TikTok actually has some great information as well. There are accounts who share information about branding, SEO, resources, and how to use algorithms to your advantage. My favorites are: followmario, amandapaigek, and cieradesign.


Ask for feedback

Editing your resume and cover letter are two tasks that can feel never-ending. Send it to a friend or family member so they can provide some insight from a fresh set of eyes. They’ll be able to point out what you’re missing when you’re feeling tired of looking at it after making multiple edits. Additionally, asking for feedback at the end of the interview is not only a great way to stand out, but it’ll provide insight on areas that you can improve on or what you might be lacking. Lastly, make sure that all your social media accounts are clean for potential employers. This helps to put your best foot forward.


You never know what life may throw at you, but if there’s a lesson from 2020, it’s to be adaptable. Taking breaks and doing activities that bring you joy also need to be a part of the process. Go outside, watch a funny show, or learn a new recipe. There are many people on the job hunt, so give yourself grace and recognize your hard work. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to get through it, but it will feel incredibly rewarding when you finally land that dream role.


Best of luck and happy hunting!