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15 Most Common Entry-Level Marketing Positions

Posted by Laura Tyson on November 17, 2015

Marketing jobWhere do you fit in the marketing world? As a recent graduate, seeking an entry-level position in digital marketing, you need to know what positions are out there. What job is the best fit for your unique set of interests and skills?

1.Agency Account Coordinator

Account coordinators communicate with the agency's clients and the marketing company. As an account coordinator, you love interacting with people and developing personal connections, and you're a whiz at collating and transmitting information.

2. Assistant Community Manager

You're web-savvy and familiar with online communities and how to help them grow. You take direction well and can work closely on a small team of online community managers.

3. Content Marketing Coordinator

You're fluent in online media such as written, visual, and video content. You're able to work with a team to lay out strategies, coordinate, and edit their work.

4. Copywriter

You create writing that intrigues, inspires, and motivates your leads. You love to work independently and on deadline, reporting to one or more editors. You can both take direction and improvise based on the needs of your organization.

5. Event Marketing

When you're focused on real-life or digital event marketing, you love the energy around an event. Without fail, you get things done in order to create awesome experiences for the attendees. An event marketer thrives working on a deadline and does whatever it takes to bring all the planned (and unplanned!) details together for a winning event.

6. Marketing Data Analyst

You enjoy working behind the scenes to collect and analyze data. From this data, you draw information about marketing successes and failures, and you're able to communicate this information within context to your team.

7. Marketing Growth Hacker

As a growth hacker, you use nontraditional metrics and methods to understand your organization's growth and promote your products. You're an out-of-the-box thinker who also thrives on data analysis and experimentation. You learn how to fail fast and adapt as you go.

8. Marketing Analyst

You're focused on study, and through your diligent analysis you help your company make critical decisions about the marketing strategy. This job is perfect for those who love marketing but enjoy working behind the scenes in an advisory role. You'd rather crunch numbers than make small talk at social events.

9. Operations Analyst

You enjoy working with systems and data, and you're the power behind the scenes, trying to improve data management systems. You're constantly thinking about how to improve systems and prefer a behind-the-scenes role to one in the forefront of the organization.

Marketing job10. Product Marketing Specialist

You're creative and can fuse product-focused marketing strategies with innovative marketing plans. You know the product inside and out and provide a holistic perspective on product improvements based on client needs.

11. SEO Content Analyst

As a SEO content analyst, you focus on the contributions that search engines make to your marketing content. You're detailed-oriented and enjoy researching the specifics of SEO (such as keywords and targeted content) to fine-tune your marketing strategies.

12. Social Media Coordinator

As a social media coordinator, you're responsible for your brand or product's image on social media. You coordinate that brand and its messaging while connecting with online community members as well.

13. UX Designer

You're responsible for the accessibility and usability of your marketing materials and product, making sure current and potential customers have an outstanding experience. You have an eye for design and you're continually learning how people interact with technology.

14. Video Specialist

You love video - shooting them, editing them, and promoting them. You also have a keen eye for design and photography. You know how to film clips on a moments notice as well as set up a professional set. A wide variety of content - webinars, video advertising, promo and educational videos, etc. - fills your task list.

15. Web Developer

As a developer, you're a programmer who specializes in website or app development. You enjoy working with computers and learning about marketing from the programming perspective. Coding enables you to turn your marketing team's dreams into reality. And your expertise is invaluable in providing feedback on new campaigns and ideas. 

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