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The American Genius Takes a Look at Apprenticeships

Posted by Alexis Bonilla on January 5, 2018

Quick question: where do you get your business news? We're a little partial to the folks over at The American Genius. We recently had the chance to collaborate with them on an article about apprenticeships: their origin, recent successes, and advantages.

pexels-photo-57825.jpeg“I had a meaningful conversation last year with the folks behind Digital Creative Institute (an apprenticeship program that seeks to bridge the gap between higher education and job experience in the digital marketing field) not only to learn about their plans to impact the central Texas market, but how apprenticeships could alter the workforce in years to come. Will the model supplant internships? What of coding schools or hell, even higher education? If you ask Europeans, they’ll probably say yes, while Americans are new to this old term.”

- Lani Rosales, Chief Operating Officer at The American Genius

Find out what they had to say and why apprenticeships are on the rise in America! Click here for the full article. 

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