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Apprenticeship vs Internship vs Bootcamp - How to become agile through apprenticeship.

Posted by Wynton Carter on May 4, 2020


In light of the current climate, remote work is at an all-time high. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused restaurants, bars, and companies like Google, IBM, and Indeed to shift their everyday office operations to work from home. We’ve seen industries respond responsibly and with agility by leaning on technology to mitigate some of the disruptions caused by COVID-19. For example, many restaurants have ceased table service and gone the take-out and delivery route by partnering with tech companies like Doordash.

So what does that mean for you? Well, now more than ever is a great time to launch and grow your career in tech. This blog will explain the value of apprenticeship and how it can help you stay agile with the times. Learning a new trade can be time-consuming and daunting for some, but it can propel you into a dynamic and resilient career. An apprenticeship can help you develop the skills and network needed in an ever-changing industry. Let’s take a deeper look at what an apprenticeship can provide. 


apprenticeship 2 graphicBootcamps are typically short-term courses that offer you the opportunity to learn skills or certifications to boost your resume. Internships provide interns with the opportunity to gain essential skills and real-world experience. However, internships are typically unpaid, part-time or less, or do not offer job placement. DCI's Apprenticeship program separates themselves by providing the nation's first federally recognized Digital Marketing and Data Analytics apprenticeship program. Apprentices receive training from industry experts, earn highly marketable skills, career coaching, access to a robust mentor network, and help with full-time job placement. Furthermore, DCI provides a one-year curriculum where you will be able to work on real-world projects and add them to your portfolio for your career advancement. This allows more opportunities for responsibility at work and more chances to earn a higher income doing what you love. But don't just take it from us. Read what some of our DCI apprentices had to say!
HOW HAS DCI Impacted you and where do you see value in the apprenticeship?



We heard from 3 apprentices in DCI and here's Geraud Bastille on what it's like to be an apprentice and go through the training and mentoring. 

“I believe that wisdom is more useful in life than knowledge alone, and wisdom is something that only comes when knowledge meets experience."You can do it the hard way on your own, or benefit from the guidance of someone who’s walked the path before you.” 

The Apprenticeship program with DCI builds confidence and it has apprentices leaving with more knowledge, experience, and a portfolio to show for it. Tori Wiegers believes that “the value DCI brings not only helps possible employers realize my potential, but it makes me notice as well. My portfolio is a good example of how DCI can help set apprentices up for success and various future opportunities.”

Bootcamps and Internships are great but if you want to launch your career with a portfolio, build highly marketable skills, or assistance with job placement, then DCI might be for you. Imagine having a portfolio displaying 13 + relevant skills and 40 + competencies recognized by the Department of Labor? Furthermore, Wynton Carter, an apprentice in ATX8 shared that "it’s nice to build a new strong foundation, have the tools to build it, and

EE9B2579not build it alone. DCI has been there to support me by providing industry-leading tools on how to build a more professional resume, mastering analytics, content marketing, and how to be more agile through SCRUM."

So what are you waiting for? Respond to your new environment with agility by leaning on technology. Use the disruptions caused by COVID-19 to grow your skills and propel yourself into a career. Experience mentor roundtables with CEO’s, learn more from industry experts, and your peers. Most of all, learn how to be agile in today's workforce. 

Grow with DCI. Apply today!


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