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Ariel's Tips for the Google Analytics Exam

Posted by Ariel Dykes on July 6, 2017

First off, take a deep breath. I know the Google Analytics software can feel daunting and complicated, but it is a crucial stepping-stone to furthering your knowledge of the digital marketing realm. Having a Google Analytics certificate under your belt is an important part of landing a marketing job! After conquering the exam myself, I am here to share some tips to gaining this valuable certificate.


Google Analytics is an essential tool for marketers. Whether data analytics is your strong suit or not, it is vital to understand the impact your content has on consumers. With Google Analytics, you will have the power to track web traffic and conversions, giving you insight into the effectiveness of campaigns.

Remember, content is meaningless without analyzing its impact.

Marketers can use Google Analytics to track the goals of their marketing campaigns. Through goal setting, marketers can view the conversions in order to analyze the effectiveness of their campaign.

To view more ways GA can help you shape your marketing strategy, check out this blog post by Kissmetrics.


First, you will need to register for the Analytics Academy. The academy offers video courses to help you master Google Analytics. These courses are only study materials. Completion of these courses does not give you the Google Analytics certificate. You must take the exam to receive the certificate.

The academy consists of four courses:

  1. Google Analytics for Beginners (4 units, ~ 4-6 hours)
  2. Advanced Google Analytics (4 units, ~ 4-6 hours)
  3. Ecommerce Analytics (3 units)
  4. Google Tag Manager (4 units) 
Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 3.50.49 PMThe Google Analytics Academy Courses

Each unit is followed by a quiz to test your understanding. These quizzes will be useful when studying for the exam. IMPORTANT: Although the academy gives you four courses, only the Beginner and Advanced courses are covered on the exam.


The videos in each unit are a bit dry and I found myself getting distracted. To combat this, I opened a word document and took notes during the videos to keep myself focused. This document helped me later as I reviewed for the exam.

If Google Analytics is completely new to you as it was for me, the information in the videos can feel overwhelming and fast-paced. Don’t hesitate to slow down the speed or re-watch a video if you’re confused on a topic. Take your time watching the videos and don’t attempt to watch them all in one sitting.

I watched the videos over a course of four days and spent the fifth day reviewing the information before taking the exam. I also found online resources that went into detail about concepts the videos only briefly covered.

Here are a few websites I found useful:

 Study tips:41.jpg
  • Take your time learning the material - it’s not a race
  • Re-watch the videos
  • Use a word document to take notes
  • Explore the Google Analytics interface
  • Go over the quiz questions
  • Utilize your online resources - the test is open notes
  • Keep calm and study hard!

Once you’re ready, create a profile with Google Partners to access the exam. The exam will be located under Certifications → Analytics. The interface is very easy to navigate!

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 11.19.41 AM.pngScreen grab from the Google Partners sign up page

The exam is 90 minutes and consists of 70 multiple-choice questions. For a more in depth overview of the exam and the test question types, view GAIQ Test Tips.


Gaining the Google Analytics certificate is 100% doable! I passed it on my first try and only missed three questions. I know you can do it! If you understand the concepts covered in the videos and are comfortable with the interface, you will not find the test to be exceedingly difficult. For more study material, check out the free downloadable GAIQ Guide for Marketers to strengthen your Google Analytics skills and help you ace the exam! I highly recommend adding this guide into your study plan. I hope these resources help you feel more at ease as you embark on your Google Analytics journey. Good luck and happy studying!

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