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More Than Buzzwords: How Our Core Values Fuel Our Passion

Posted by Brad Voeller on December 8, 2015

Core values often get a bad rap as meaningless buzzwords buried in the company archives. It's easy to ignore something that seems like a pointless formality. But here at DCI, we live and breathe our core values. They're the heartbeat of our work, the fuel for our passion. 

Before we dive into what those essential core values are, we need a little bit of context. The following belief statments form the backdrop for our core values. 

We believe we learn best through real-world challenges connected to inspiring work. (Tweet this) We believe rapid development of tech skills while embracing growth mindsets is the best way to open doors of exciting possibility. We believe millennials can make an enormous contribution when they commit to being coached and mentored.

Our Core Values

With these beliefs in mind, we can more clearly understand our three core values.

  1. Continuous innovation: We are entrepreneurial - we look for and instill innovation in our apprentices.
  2. Generous service: We add value to every relationship and we’re transformed in the process.
  3. Intentional growth: We challenge ourselves to stretch beyond what we thought possible.


Our Brand Voice - ART

Since core values are meaningless unless put into practice, we went one step further by defining our brand voice - how we execute our core values. We call it ART. Not only does ART demonstrate how we live out our core values, it also shows how we embrace the Apprenticeship Movement.


At DCI, we believe the Bigger Story of a frustrating transition from school to work doesn’t end with the wishful possibilities of an idyllic future. The story is actually just beginning when we take action. When we 'pick ourselves' and share our art. We believe taking action increases our influence and responsibility. (Tweet this)

This is how we pursue continuous innovation and foster intentional growth. (Core Values #1 and #3)


We embrace others along this journey and realize the best learning happens in the context of relationships. We eagerly seek out individuals and communities daring to create something remarkable.

This is how we provide generous service. (Core Value #2)


We understand opportunity doesn’t automatically equate achievement. Sometimes we fail, but instead of giving up or worse never trying, we make more art. We show up and speak up. We hold these two thoughts in tension: this might work and this might not work. Our tenacity shows.

This is how we cultivate intentional growth. (Core Value #3)

The possibilities are still endless. But we're choosing one project, one skill, or one idea to tackle right now. We acknowledge we can’t do everything. But by taking action and focusing on one thing, we’re making an impact. (Tweet this)

Our brand voice is action-oriented, relational, and tenacious (ART) - it's how our core values fuel our passion and direct our day-to-day work. Want to learn more about the Bigger Story and the Apprenticeship Movement? Click to read the whole story!

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