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6 Tips for Creating a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Brad Voeller on September 8, 2015

Never underestimate the power of your online presence or perfectly optimized LinkedIn profile during the job search.

Sometimes hiring managers go straight to LinkedIn to find potential candidates or instantly look up your profile when you submit an application. Utilize the professional power and tools of LinkedIn to facilitate the job search.

Matt_Wier_postI caught up with Matt Wier, VP Interactive Marketing at Harland Clarke in San Antonio, who recently gave a talk at the local AMA chapter called “Social Selling on LinkedIn”.

A master of combining technology and marketing, Matt specializes in leading digital strategies to maximize business objectives. Of his digital marketing skills, LinkedIn marketing is number one - and he’s got a few tips for recent grads entering the marketplace on LinkedIn job search strategy.


Today’s workplace demands talent that can hit the ground running and execute on assignments immediately. This is what is meant by “self-starter” and “can-do-attitude” in a job description. This is not to say that the company will not or should not provide on the job training and development. However, marketing leaders are being asked to "do more with less" and to be accountable for their spending in terms of ROI.

This translates into recruiting for people with multi-dimensional experience - or hybrids. For example someone that can write, do some basic Photoshop work, use a content management tool, deploy some social posts and then do reporting in Excel will likely stand out among other applicants - unless applying for a very specialized role.

Recruit people with multi-dimensional experience - or hybrids. (Tweet this)

As part of hiring, many employers look at LinkedIn and Facebook profiles - so make sure yours are up to date and that your FB privacy is set appropriately - I recommend "friends only." Remember that your FB profile and cover photos are public so remove any that may work against you if taken out of context.

LinkedIn tips for digital marketing

1) Include a quality professional photo of yourself. It’s a small investment to make and first impressions are important. HOW you market yourself will be noticed if you are pursuing marketing jobs!

2) Attention getting headline - here’s mine: Harland Clarke / VP interactive marketing & passionate about driving revenue!

3) Complete all of the LinkedIn profile sections – these help elaborate on other details that paint a picture of who you are and what you are about from a professional point of view.

4) Create a LI shortcut profile link and use it on your resume, email footer, etc.

5) In lieu of work history, consider showcasing personal projects, volunteer work, and activities that you pursued during and after college. This will help demonstrate skills that a potential employer can evaluate quickly.

6) Clear call to action of how to contact you.

In lieu of work history, consider showcasing personal projects on LinkedIn. (Tweet this)

As an example - some marketing jobs may be well suited for college yearbook and newspaper editors since they would already be cross trained in many applicable disciplines on the business and creative spectrum. These applicants bring understanding of many required skills which immediately transfer. Similarly marketing graduates from business programs likely participated in projects, internships, etc. that showcased their skills in applicable ways that should be considered.

Here’s an example of listing accomplishments, from my time as a director of ecommerce, not just my job description. Add projects and any honors or awards received for that hard work.

LinkedIn tips Matt Wier

While you are seeking a job, don’t sit around and do nothing - use this period of time to do things that showcase your skills by doing projects around your interests, passions and talents. Including these projects via a portfolio link / sample in your LI profile can help employers see your potential in the 10 seconds you get when being reviewed among other candidates!

For example, early in my career I built an astronomy related site that showcased several skills both technically and creatively, including website management, SEO, flash development, writing, e-commerce, product development and web analytics. It eventually became a testing ground for things I would apply to my day job!

Do projects around your interests, passions and talents to showcase your skills while seeking a job. (Tweet this)

Employers understand everyone has to start somewhere and that recent graduates don’t have other jobs to showcase their talents and that is OK. Instead, you can win confidence by focusing on:

1) What you know

2) What kind of contributor you are, and

3) How you can help potential employers reach *their* goals

What you know, who you are, and how you can help others = job search confidence (Tweet this)

Looking back in time, I think #3 is how I edged out my competition when I got my first job! Good luck!


Now you have the tools for creating a killer LinkedIn profile! What other LinkedIn tips have you found helpful? Join the conversation with @DCITalent on how to position yourself as highly qualified marketing talent. 


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