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DCI gives thanks!

Posted by Laura Tyson on November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving from the dci teamAt DCI, we’re spending the entire Thanksgiving week celebrating everyone who’s joined the apprenticeship movement and contributed to the launch of our first cohort of apprentices (beginning in January). We’ve got a lot of people to be thankful for who’ve generously given their support.

To all of our digital marketing coaches, instructors and mentors - the biggest thanks for providing feedback and support. (Read about how awesome they are!) Thank you for investing in tomorrow’s marketing leaders.  

To our digital marketing apprentices preparing to start in January - thank you for taking the leap to join the team. We’re excited to learn with you.

To the Geekdom community, you’ve done an awesome job of creating an environment that has accelerated our learning and collaboration.

Inspired by those pilgrims who embraced a vision of hope and dreamed of a better future, we press on with our mission to create a new and better path for developing the skills needed for career success. May we model their indomitable strength of spirit and see many others follow the path established by our DCI community. Such an awesome privilege to live at this point in history!

From all of us here at DCI, we just want to give a big THANK YOU and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving holiday. We’re grateful for you.

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