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Just around the corner - the 1st Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Posted by Brad Voeller on December 29, 2015

digital marketing bootcampAll too often, people feel stuck after their initial digital marketing training. If you're looking for career acceleration, an apprenticeship can help you find clarity and direction. We're excited to kick off the first cohort of DCI apprentices next week and want to give you a preview of the first digital marketing bootcamp.


Bootcamp marks the beginning of a 12-month quest to to gain skills and experience as a digital marketer. We call it an apprenticeship. Apprentices will work a full-time digital marketing job for a company in San Antonio or Austin. They will simultaneously receive personalized coaching, mentoring, and instruction. At the beginning of this 12-month apprenticeship, the one-week intensive DCI Bootcamp prepares and equips apprentices with the skills they need to excel in their digital marketing jobs.


Bootcamp is an immersive experience. The weeklong focus is attaining the Hubspot user certification, which provides a comprehensive overview of content marketing operations. Apprentices will also collaborate on team projects and develop content marketing campaigns for two San Antonio based companies, Plant Interscapes and Analytic Focus. By the end of the week, apprentices will have begun planning with their coaches, learned the fundamentals of marketing, and be prepared to begin their digital marketing jobs and the rest of the 12-month apprenticeship.


During bootcamp, apprentices will learn from industry experts and be guided through all things Hubspot, inbound strategy and content marketing. Our instructors act as coaches, encouraging you to set goals and make plans to achieve them. Head coach Aurora Geis will work individually with each apprentice to set goals for the entire year. Instructors and top San Antonio marketers, Sara Helmy and Matt Pompa will lead sessions on various aspects of content marketing. Apprentices will also receive continual support from the DCI staff including Brad Voeller, Victor Vo and Sarah Davis.


digital marketing bootcampAfter graduating from bootcamp, apprentices will be armed with a fresh set of skills, including marketing automation, content creation, and design. As they move into what may be the first full-time job of their digital marketing careers, they'll have the building blocks to create and manage campaigns, develop and coordinate content, and understand marketing strategies. They'll complete the Hubspot User Certification which includes an extensive practicum demonstrating their mastery of a wide array of marketing concepts and practices. Then throughout the 12-month DCI apprenticeship program they’ll gain even more certifications and skills such as coding, mobile and analytics.

Bootcamp is next week (January 4-8, 2016) for our first cohort of apprentices and we can't wait! Think you might like to join us in a future bootcamp? Are passionate about gaining new skills and accelerating your marketing career? Apply now to get into the next cohort (applications are accepted on a rolling basis).

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