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From Discouraged Job Seeker to Experienced Digital Marketer

Posted by Ariel Dykes on September 19, 2017

Amantha KorenThis article was edited on January 31st, 2019 

When Amantha graduated college, she didn’t fully know what she wanted to do and struggled to find a meaningful job. She searched for jobs in the digital marketing space but wasn’t finding roles that aligned with her passion or her experience level.

It wasn’t until she discovered Digital Creative Institute and their digital marketing apprenticeship, 6 months post-grad, that her desire for continued learning and passion for social media came to fruition. After applying to the apprenticeship, she landed a Social Media Coordinator position with Roger Christian & Company. Amantha just graduated from the 12-month DCI apprenticeship program with a robust portfolio and a supportive network of fellow digital marketers. Learn more about her background and connect with her on LinkedIn!

Overview of Amantha’s Career Path:

  • Current: Social Media Coordinator at Roger Christian & Co.
  • Marketing and Communications Assistant at Texas A&M University Transportation Services
  • Sports Marketing Intern at Let Me Play in London, UK
  • Media and Communications Intern at Brazos Valley Bombers

Amantha Joseph Digital Creative Institute

Amantha and fellow apprentice Joseph collaborating in a workshop.

After participating in the digital marketing apprenticeship from August 2016-2017, Amantha increased her marketing skill set and taken on more responsibilities in her role at Roger Christian. She even developed her own personal website to showcase her portfolio and publishes regularly on her blog for young professionals. We asked Amantha a few questions on her journey through apprenticeship and digital marketing career acceleration.

What did your career path look like right out of college?

In college I focused on Agricultural Communications and Journalism, so I was already in the communications path. I did some internships but I wasn’t sure exactly where I fit until I did an internship that was based around social media and I really liked it. After I graduated, it took me about 6 months before I found a job. I’ve been on the digital marketing track for awhile, it was really about honing in and figuring out where I wanted to go and then figuring out how to get there.

Why did you choose to participate in the apprenticeship?

I noticed all of the entry level social media jobs consisted of getting coffee or filling out paperwork, nothing that seemed exciting - I wasn’t going to get to do social media. All of the social media opportunities required 5 years experience, or a Master’s Degree, or qualifications I didn’t have. I found DCI and Brad, the CEO, was really open to selling my experience to companies. Not that I lacked experience, but that I had some experience and could provide value to a company if they were willing to let me learn and grow. I had one interview at my current job and was hired almost immediately!

From your experience, how would you describe the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship is a year long intensive digital marketing program where you’re able to put your newly acquired skills into practice in your full-time job. During the apprenticeship you meet with industry professionals who are currently in positions you aspire to. They’re able to offer relevant insight, advice, and direction to make sure you reach your goals and beyond. DCI provides value that a Master’s program probably wouldn’t; hands-on experience and networking with industry professionals.

How has the apprenticeship helped you in your role at Roger Christian?

There are a lot of technical things that I learned through DCI that I never had experience in before such as PPC, marketing automation, and email marketing. I’ve been able to sprinkle these new skills into my work and client pitches. On top of my newly acquired skills, I’ve also benefited greatly from the coaching. In my career coaching I’ve learned how to be a better employee, how to share what I’m thinking, and how to really show the company what I’ve learned and utilize new skill sets.

How has learning data science tools such as Tableau and and Google Analytics helped you?

The data science portion was the most interesting part of the curriculum to me because I never knew that I liked it or would be good at it. A big deal for me is being able to use the strategies and tactics we’ve learned and implement them into my social media role to better produce and analyze my reports and campaigns. Applying more strategy-based thinking into all of my daily tasks has really helped me grow as a marketer. Check out examples from Amantha and other apprentices of these reports here.

What was your favorite part of the apprenticeship?

In college I didn’t really know my classmates and I didn’t work closely with them. DCI has been really beneficial because it’s provided me with a network of people I can bounce ideas off of and receive constant feedback from. Learning from others is a really important piece of DCI. I’ve enjoyed growing with the people around me; we all strive to make each other better.

What were your overall learning goals in the apprenticeship?

Going in I definitely wanted to focus on trying to be better at all things social including talking to people and customer service. Coming out of the apprenticeship, it’s so much more than just social media. I’ve learned a lot about all aspects of digital marketing and myself. Now my goals surround all things digital and being a better marketer.

Would you recommend the apprenticeship to other marketers?

I would definitely recommend the apprenticeship. It gives you so much opportunity to really learn and dive into every aspect of digital. It helps you understand yourself as a marketer and your role in the company and where it’s going. You’re not going to get the hands-on coaching and experiences DCI provides from a traditional school.

Amantha continues to grow her skill set and excel in her role as a Social Media Coordinator. Want to get on the path to digital marketing growth like Amantha did? Apply today to join one of our next cohorts of apprentices in San Antonio or Austin!

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Digital Creative Institute Matt Pompa cohort 2

Amantha and cohort showing off their landing page wireframe design!


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