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Google Analytics in Action: Examples from Marketers

Posted by Ariel Dykes on August 8, 2017

As digital marketers, data analysis skills are esGroup of happy young  business people in a meeting at office.jpegsential and expected. The top tool is Google Analytics - a free web based analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. It provides marketers with the tools to analyze and adjust marketing campaigns and website strategy. A successful campaign is more than just content, it’s about generating impressions, leads, and conversions. Marketers with an understanding of analytics can take their campaigns to the next level by understanding the data behind the campaign and determining the most successful strategy by adjusting pieces along the way. 

The Google Analytics and data analysis examples below are from 5 marketers in San Antonio and Austin, Texas who are just starting out in their marketing careers. They have already mastered the basics of Google Analytics and are using their skills to provide value to their organizations. These marketers have killer portfolio pieces that demonstrate their ability with this in-demand tool. To view the examples, click on the links below!

Zac Blankenship - Top 3 Metrics for Business Insights

Zac discusses the Acquisition Overview, All Pages, and New vs. Returning reports. He analyzes the functionality of all three reports and how each one can help you understand and examine important data gathered from your web traffic and marketing campaign.

Zac .png

Caleb Batchman - Creating Custom Reports in Google Analytics

Caleb walks through how to create a custom report that will allow you to gather the data you need in one place. Custom reports are a quick and efficient way to show clients exactly what they want to see such as source medium or completed conversions.

Caleb .png

Matt Traywick - Using Google Analytics Dashboards

Matt explains the step-by-step process of creating dashboards. They should reflect your business goals so if you’re a marketing blog, your dashboard metrics may contain types of engagement such as bounce rate, pages/sessions, session duration, and more.


Sarah Stephens - Google Tag Manager - How to Fire at Tag

Sarah analyzes the importance of having a functional and user-friendly website. With Google Tag Manager, you can assess and pinpoint which areas of your website are generating buzz and which ones are flopping. Sarah shows you how to fire a tag and track the links on your website.

sarah .png

AJ Ellis - Regular Expressions Use Case

AJ tackles a work assignment in which he was asked to report on which of the company’s product categories were receiving the most traffic. With the help of RegEx, AJ was able to sift through pages of irrelevant data and filter the product categories and browsing habits to create the custom report he needed.

AJ .png

Want to learn Google Analytics and incorporate these skills into your marketing role?

As you saw from the examples above, Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help you sort through company data, track website metrics, and produce concise reports for your employer. We created a free Google Analytics Exam Guide to assist you in learning the online platform and gaining the Google Analytics certificate. Even if data analytics isn’t your strong suit, this skillset is essential in most marketing roles and will help you stand out on your resumé or in your office. Download the guide today and get started!

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