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Highlights from the 1st Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Posted by Brad Voeller on January 12, 2016

IMG_6624_1.jpg“Unifying, Unbelievable, Intense, Tenacious, Exciting, Surprising” - that’s how each of our 6 apprentices describe their experience immersed in our weeklong digital marketing bootcamp. Last week (January 4-8, 2015) our apprenticeship program kicked off at Geekdom in San Antonio, TX. The week was packed full with digital marketing skill development, sessions from instructors and coaches and real-world marketing campaign creation.


What did our apprentices learn? Watch the video to find out. 

The 6 apprentices learned all elements of building a campaign using the Hubspot marketing automation platform. They received lessons from DCI instructors (and top San Antonio marketers) Matt Pompa and Sara Helmy on buyer personas and the buyer’s journey, content creation, social media voice and tracking page performance.

What goals did they achieve?
  • Developed as a team a campaign for Analytic Focus and gave pitch to the company at the end of the week
  • Learned the ins and outs of Hubspot marketing software and earned individual Hubspot User Certifications
  • Met with DCI head coach Aurora Geis to plan and set goals for the next 12 months

What’s next?

Now that our apprentices are equipped with the fundamental digital marketing skills, they’re jumping into their jobs with DCI client companies. For the next 12 months the apprentices will work full time digital marketing jobs at companies based in San Antonio. 2-3  times a week they will receive instruction and coaching to continuously develop their skills and digital portfolios.

We couldn’t have imagined a more productive, engaging or exciting week to kick off the 12-month apprenticeships for these 6 digital marketers. Check back in 2 weeks from now to learn a little more about our apprentices and client companies!

Does the idea of bootcamp and an apprenticeship excite you? Think you want to participate in the next cohort and take your digital marketing skills to the next level? Read more about the program here and check out our listings for digital marketing jobs in San Antonio.

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