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Posted by Sofia Treviño on February 26, 2020

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it! I interviewed current apprentice, Geraldo Alvarez, to get the inside scoop.

Geraldo Alvarez is a team leader and senior marketing automation consultant at Learning Curve. He’s been part of the ATX7 cohort for seven months now and is ready to tell you all about DCI, his experience, why he decided it was the right career move for him, and why it could be the right career move for you!

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How did you first hear about DCI? What were you looking for when you found DCI?

My wife was actually the one that found it. We own a consulting business together so prior to us joining DCI we did business and personal consulting. I was looking for a way to learn, and to dive deeper into digital marketing. I was looking for a way to focus more on that without having to go to a traditional school or just start from the bottom with some company and try to learn what I could, DCI was the answer.”

What intrigued you the most about DCI? And why?

The fact that it was an apprenticeship. I was really excited about that. To find a company that is teaching something new, like digital marketing, but in a time tested learning model of apprenticeship it just made perfect sense to me. I was excited about that and again the one thing I wanted to do was get away from traditional schooling. Being able to graduate one year after completing the program and coming out of it with three to five years of experience speaks volumes to me so that is what attracted me.

Why did you decide to join DCI?

I actually don't have a bachelors degree, so it was more about focusing on my career and my business. We still own the business. I still very much have a desire to grow the business, but I wanted more direction with the company.

Up until the point of joining DCI we were in business for about a year and a half, but it felt like it was still too broad and I wanted more solidify skill sets and knowledge specific to digital marketing. To actually be able to become a tactician and say, “Alright I can build up that website for you” or “I could build up that marketing automation program in whatever platform you decide” or consult you in which one you should adopt. That's ultimately what I was looking to get out of DCI, which I am getting out of DCI.”

How was the process of landing a job, how long did it take, and how did DCI help you?

I applied to probably more than a dozen jobs, but definitely less than two dozen jobs. It took four months to land my current job.

DCI helped with the coaching sessions, understanding how to fix my resume, how to write cover letters and the most important thing, that was helpful to me, was the guide on looking for companies and how to find these companies and networking. Actually, my current director is a former graduate of DCI so there's definitely lengths to the power of networking that this apprenticeship has to offer.

What has your apprenticeship experience been like so far?

I love it! It is what it was advertised to be. It is jam-packed with stuff back to back and you got to be able to keep up and be ready to learn nonstop.

There’s going to be some modules that you feel completely comfortable with and other ones that are completely out of your comfort zone. At that time it's good to partner up with some people, get in contact with the instructors and ask them as many questions as possible.”

Would you recommend this apprenticeship? If so, who do you think could benefit from this experience?

“I definitely would recommend this apprenticeship.

To people like myself who are looking to get into this digital marketing field, but don't necessarily have a degree or want to go back to traditional schooling. Also for anyone who wants to become a digital marketer I recommend they do this program, because I can't imagine any other way. This program leaves you being well rounded and exposed to so many different mentors, it helps you grow your network, it offers resources and the illumination of different modules. I can't imagine any other program out there where you can get this.”

Do you have any advice for someone considering the apprenticeship but hasn’t quite made the decision to commit yet?

“Several things. Number one is don't let the fact that there is so much in the year overwhelm you. It is fast-paced, it is a lot of learning, but you'll have your support within your cohort, the support with many different coaches both on group coaching and individual coaching and being able to discuss and go through the program with other people in your cohort.

Number two if you really want to get into this industry, if you want speed of growth and if you want to come out as someone at the top of this industry then this program is for you. Don't think anymore, don't be overwhelmed, you'll have the support, just take a leap of faith and jump on it!”


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