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How to Create a Killer Digital Portfolio in 20 Minutes or Less

Posted by Laura Tyson on December 1, 2015

Digital portfolioQuick: you've got 20 minutes to create a digital portfolio that will wow a potential client or supervisor. Sometimes you need to apply for a position quickly or impress a new connection in a hurry. You need a venue to showcase your written work or the innovative website designs that you've created. Is it possible to develop such a portfolio on a short timeline? Stay calm, and get ready to create a portfolio that will amaze.

Empty Your Brain (5-8 minutes)

In the first few minutes, get an understanding of the job you're aiming for and take some time to write down what's relevant in your background. What skills or experience would this employer like to see? Are there any keywords in a job posting or conversation that will help you target the portfolio to that particular client or company? What makes you unique in your field? Make a list of all of the portfolio elements you have that would make you an excellent employee at this company.

Choose a Location (2 minutes

Visualize.metNext, choose the place where you'll host your portfolio. There are many options online, from your own website to sites that are specifically designed to highlight your work. If you have just a short amount of time, look for an online venue that's focused on portfolio development.

Pathbrite Consider a site such as, which brings your LinkedIn profile to life by creating visuals of your experience and education. If you have time, you can customize the images that you've created.

If you'd like to add more interaction to your online portfolio, Pathbrite creates an online platform where you can easily compile all of your work, including referrals and news articles. You can collate information from multiple sources and bring it to Pathbrite.


 Organize Your Portfolio (8-10 minutes)

This is one of the most important parts: your portfolio must be easy for a potential client, partner, or employer to understand. This is your sales pitch, except you're not using words, you're crafting it with pictures.

Arrange your projects according to themes such as job, project type, or the skill you're trying to highlight. Make sure that your categories will feel relevant to those who are looking at your portfolio and that the projects in them highlight your full range of skills. According to The Creative Group, it's important to "showcase your creative style" while also selecting strong, current, and relevant samples that show how you can excel in this industry.

Your digital portfolio must be easy for anyone to understand. (Tweet this)

Publish Your Work (2 minutes)

Once you've created your digital portfolio, publish it and share your work with others. You're not just looking for accolades about your amazing digital marketing portfolio either: make sure that you ask trusted friends and colleagues for feedback, particularly if you're trying to aim for a specific position.

Tweak your portfolio as you receive constructive criticism. (Tweet this)

Add to Your Portfolio Over Time (ongoing)

Think of your portfolio as an emerging endeavor, one that you can add to over time and change to speak to the many different audiences who may want to visit. Your portfolio is who you are, and the experiences you have in your work will help it change and grow. Soon you'll find that you have a portfolio that you've worked on for many hours over a number of years, one that highlights the changes in your career.

Creating a portfolio can help you get the job that you've dreamed of - just ask Bethanie Gourley, whose digital portfolio enabled her to connect with her role model, New York filmmaker Casey Neistat. Your portfolio is one way to distinguish yourself as a stellar job candidate and to network with those in your industry.

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