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How to Get Expert Coaching Without Breaking the Bank

Posted by Laura Tyson on August 4, 2015

entrepreneur receiving expert coachingThe time in your life when you need career coaching services most is the time when you likely can’t afford a coach, at least not a quality coach. After all, who has $100+ to spend on a single coaching session right after graduating college? And where would you find a coach with digital marketing expertise? Is that even possible?

Yes, performance coaching for digital marketers is possible.

Imagine gaining hands-on experience in all areas of digital marketing, developing a diverse skill set, and simultaneously getting paid for it. As a digital marketer in training or marketing apprentice, you are in luck. Meet Digital Creative Institute (DCI), the apprenticeship program designed specifically for recent grads launching their marketing career. You will work full time in a marketing role while simultaneously receiving performance coaching from digital marketing experts - all without breaking the bank (Tweet this).

Coaching Designed for You

With DCI’s apprenticeship program, the hard part, coaching, is already figured out for you. You will not have to find, interview and recruit coaches or mentors. You will not have to wonder whether the coaches are qualified or whether they understand digital marketing skills. DCI is designed for recent grads pursuing a marketing career, so the mentoring you receive is directly relevant and individualized to you. Coaching is not just an afterthought; it is ingrained in the DCI apprenticeship program.

You’ll receive timely and focused feedback to propel your efforts.

The Right Kind of Coaching

DCI coaches know today’s marketing landscape. Most importantly, they understand the coaching relationship is much different from a teacher looking for a passing grade. You’ll be supported, boosted and challenged to become your best. As proven leaders, our coaches will help cultivate your natural leadership skills—even if you do not think you have them.

“Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.” ― Seth Godin, Tribes

Learning to Grow

Fidelis screenshotAt DCI, we use a Learning Relationship Management (LRM) platform called Fidelis. This platform creates an incredible experience for marketers to access the coaching and support they need from a community that is passionate about technology, marketing, and cultivating talent. The Fidelis LRM is built on the belief that learning context and relationships are significantly more important than the simple delivery of content. It fosters real growth and tangible outcomes—not just a passing score on an arbitrary test.

This REAL coaching is within your grasp with zero out-of-pocket costs.

Would you like to kick start your digital marketing career with performance coaching? Because now for the first time it’s available and affordable. Apply for one of DCI's digital marketing apprenticeships in San Antonio, Texas -the ONLY digital marketing apprenticeship program in North America. (Tweet this)

We believe recent grads should have the right kind of coach and we’re stoked to finally make it possible. Click here to learn more and get started on your path towards success.

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