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Inside the Millennial Mind: Video Interview with Aurora Geis

Posted by Rachel Mathison on April 1, 2019

I interviewed DCI's Director of National Strategic Partnerships, Aurora Geis, and this time we got to talk all things millennials. She provides invaluable knowledge backed by years of coaching and digital marketing industry experience.

We dove deeper into questions such as, "can you tell us more about your focus on millennial/ GENX coaching and why that particular group of people is your coaching focus?" and also "what are some of the characteristics and collective strengths of the millennial generation that you’ve seen during your time coaching them?" 

Aurora shares why she is so passionate about coaching this generation and what makes millennials so unique from other generations today. She has a pulse on what millennials value and provides exclusive insight into her research. 

You're definitely not going to want to miss this interview!


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Topics: For Small or Medium Enterprises, For Recent Grads