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Meet our New Partner MediaTech Ventures!

Posted by Brad Voeller on September 21, 2017

Looking to get more involved in the Austin and/or San Antonio tech community? We’re announcing the partnership of Digital Creative with MediaTech Ventures to facilitate the growth of Texas MediaTech ecosystems! Digital Creative CEO, Brad Voeller recently teamed up with Andrew from MediaTech Ventures to spread the word about the apprenticeship and other disruptive tech education models.

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“Texas, because of its strong entrepreneurship bent and educational system, is uniquely suited towards disruption.”

- Andrew Escher, MediaTech Ventures

Check out the full piece here!

What is MediaTech Ventures? A group of industry executives, advisors, mentors, educators, and professionals working toward the growth of the MediaTech ecosystem. Known as a venture development fund or startup studioMediaTech Ventures works to provide funding, talent, and resources at the convergence of media and technology. We succeed when creators succeed to innovate media thanks to the collaboration of government, developers, non-profits, studios, investors, directors, musicians, actors, founders, and more.

How can you get involved? Join us on Wednesday, September 27 for a panel discussion on podcasting & radio in San Antonio! The Austin MediaTech Ventures staff will be at the event along with a panel of speakers who have great insight on the world of podcasting. The DCI team and some apprentices will be there to network and learn more about building a MediaTech community in San Antonio - we’d love to meet you! Register here.

“I’m excited about how the model we’ve developed here can be a model for other countries and how they grow. Increasingly other nations are looking to Texas as a model for growth. What we can do here can inspire.”

- Brad Voeller, CEO of Digital Creative Institute