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My Truth as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Posted by Astrid Platas on June 29, 2020


“Another day, another hour or more spent on LinkedIn.” That was the first thing that pops in my head almost every day.

Early February of 2020, I found myself looking for a full-time digital marketing position in San Antonio. Not only was I looking for a position that will mentor me in all things digital marketing, but I was looking for an organization that will challenge me to expand my digital marketing and professional skills.


One day I came across a posting on LinkedIn for a Digital Marketing Apprentice at the Digital Creative Institute here in San Antonio. I wasn’t familiar with how the program works, but after browsing through the website, I was hooked! DCI checked all the boxes that I had created for myself: mentorship, skill development, and hands-on experience. The next thing I knew, I submitted my application and was accepted! Now, I have been a part of the digital marketing pre-apprenticeship since March. The goal is to have a full-time marketing role by the start of the apprenticeship so I am able to apply what I learn in the apprenticeship in my current role.



As you know, it is a unique time for job searching due to COVID-19. A lot of companies are on a hiring freeze or letting workers go. Coming into the pre-apprenticeship, I knew I would have to work twice as hard in terms of earning certifications, building portfolio projects, and preparing for job interviews. DCI is pushing and helping me every step of the way. My coach, Victor Vo, would hop on a call with me every week and help me prep for interviews. If I run out of ideas for a personal project, we would brainstorm together on projects that would be the most relevant for me and the skills I have.


Every week on Tuesday and Thursday my cohorts and I have a video call to talk about pressing topics in terms of job search and career acceleration. What I love the most about these calls is how transparent and willing to help everyone is.


My background is content marketing and web design. My other team members have different backgrounds such as social media management, search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, etc. I get to glean from them and collaborate on mini-projects that we all can put in our portfolios.


Angela Cassidy, DCI’s talent specialist has also been a huge help through my pre-apprenticeship period. I submit my resume and cover letters for her to review before I submit job applications. I am more confident knowing my documents have been intentionally reviewed and are employer-ready. While I am applying for jobs, Angela is also referring me to other jobs and scheduling me for interviews with DCI’s current and potential partner companies. After two months of solid job search, I landed my current position with a great company as a content editor! DCI was there every step of the way from the early stages of interviewing until the moment I accepted my job offer.


From early on, the DCI staff would say to me, “You are the captain of this ship, but we are here to help you any way that you need”. That statement is still ringing true! I am challenged to go above and beyond through all steps of the pre-apprenticeship, but I am able to move confidently because of DCI’s support. My development plan is tailored especially based on my skill set, personality, and goals. I am so excited to see what the apprentice stage is going to look like.


If you find yourself in a similar situation like I was back in February, I encourage you to look into DCI. Connect with past fellows and ask how their experience was. Read the case studies and blog posts that are posted on the website. It would be a leap of faith, but it will be all worth it once you are here! I challenge you to put yourself in the shoes of an apprentice. Take that next step and start your digital marketing career!

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