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How to Position Yourself for Success in Digital Marketing

Posted by Laura Tyson on January 5, 2015

This article was edited on January 2nd, 2019

Distinguishing yourself in the rapidly expanding field of digital marketing is challenging and not entirely obvious. Ever changing technology and the growing number of marketers could easily dwarf your career in the mass of replaceable employees.

You must differentiate yourself. But how? The answer lies in cultivating traits that transcend industry changes. Tweet this. 


If you want to rise above the average marketer, you must be competent in both technical and strategic skills. Learning resources for technical skills are more readily accessible than ever before. MOOCs and other online course providers offer fantastic training at a very reasonable price (some are even free) and in a convenient, flexible format. Check out courses at SkillShare, Udemy, Udacity, Coursera, CreativeLive, HubSpot Academy, Google Analytics, Google AdwordsTreehouse, Code School, and Or for a one-stop search of all online course providers, go to CourseTalk.

It goes without saying that a master of digital marketing is also a master of the internet. Engaging via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any industry-specific platforms, like Behance for artists or GitHub for programmers, are crucial.

Developing strategic skills is the second part of becoming a distinctly competent digital marketer. Cultivate the following 9 key traits as outlined by Paul Roetzer of the marketing agency PR2020. 

            1. Analyst. Provide tangible details of your competency, such as website traffic, leads, click rates, and sales.

            2. Creative. Innovate new ways to advance your digital marketing strategies.

            3. Intrinsically Motivated. Find fulfillment in something greater than yourself.

            4. Listener. Listen well and synthesize what you hear in the world around you.

            5. Social-Web Savvy. Participate in online conversations relevant to your interests and continually add value.

            6. Strategic. Keep the big picture in view and develop well-integrated tactical plans to get there.

            7. Tech-Savvy. Stay informed on emerging technologies, research and test what’s new, and find relevant applications for your organization or career.

            8. Team Player. You can collaborate well and continually add value to the company.

            9. Writer. Pursue opportunities to strengthen your writing skills, focusing on both creative and technical writing.


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