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The Best of INBOUND15 and the Scoop on

Posted by Laura Tyson on September 22, 2015

Images_for_inbound_blog_postJust recently INBOUND15 drew over 14,000 inbound marketers from around the world. It was incredible!  The four-day conference in Boston was packed with awesome conversations, great sessions and an overall fantastic experience. I had the privilege of attending for the first time and wanted to share the highlights from some of the most brilliant marketers.

Ann Handley, CEO MarketingProfs

  • Quality vs. Quantity - 3 Attributes we can all think about for good quality, engaging content: Bigger story. Braver marketing. Bolder voice.

  • The biggest missed opportunity with content is playing it too safe.  Content is an opportunity to do something different.

  • Create real content instead of product-centric advertising


Brene Brown, Researcher at University of Houston

  • Vulnerability is the only path to achieving your goals. (Tweet this)

  • We will fall and fail, but it’s far better to dare greatly than to hide.

  • 3 Parts of Rising Strong: The Reckoning, The Rumble, and The Revolution

  • If you really want to create a culture where people aren't afraid to fail you have to be honest about what it feels like to fail.

3Bill Macaitis, CMO of Slack

  • #1 reason people leave is because of their manager - focus on learning

  • Work with great people, inspire them to follow you and develop a passion for learning

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re employed, it matters if you’re employable

  • Advice for aspiring marketing leaders - don’t try to get promoted, be a great marketing leader, move to different teams - learn as much as you can, get mentors

Cameron Herold, Author & CEO Coach

  • Be willing to polarize your audience.

  • Dance until everyone will dance.

  • Vision without execution is hallucination.

  • Culture is a choice.

  • Find the behavioral and cultural traits you want - hire for that.

Dharmesh Shah & Brian Halligan, Co-founder and CEO of Hubspot

  • Market unto other as you would have them market unto you.

  • We need to un-suck sales.

  • Inbound isn’t a conference, it’s a movement.

“Your customers only remember 10% - are they remembering the right 10%?” -Dr. Carmen Simon, Cognitive Neuroscientist

Gabriel Wahhab, Interactive Director of Square 2 Marketing

  • Strategy before tactics. Always have a comprehensive strategy for redesigning your website - no exceptions!

  • People identify and remember emotional messages.

Kipp Bodnar, CMO Hubspot

  • Recruiting great marketers must be your #1 priority

  • Interviewing Goals - evaluate applicable experience, identify relevant skills, assess for culture fit, test for desired capabilities

  • Skill development assessment - if people aren’t learning, they should be out of your organization.

  • The job interview never stops. (Tweet this)

“Better to be known as a do leader than recognized as a thought leader.” -Leslie Bradshaw, Managing Partner at Made by Many

Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer at Harvard

  • Find the continuous learners.

  • Encourage digital behaviors.

  • Implement reverse mentoring programs.


Rachel Happe, Principal & Co-Founder of The Community Roundtable

  • People crave: space, connection, and challenge.

  • You should enable relationships between people who care about the same things you do. This is how you scale trust.

  • Control is for amateurs.


Seth Godin, Author, Speaker and Marketer

  • People who take responsibility get responsibility - by giving away credit

  • The point is to make change happen. (Tweet this)

  • There’s no such thing as writer’s block, because there’s no such thing as talker’s block.

  • We need to change the culture from “we’ve always done it this way” to “maybe I’ll try this”.

Victor Milligan, CMO of Forrester Research

  • Customers are individuals.

  • Markets will be won or lost based on how well and how fast we respond.

  • Distinguish between what customers see (UX) and what we do. Make the hard work of an awesome UX seamless and simple from the customer’s perspective.

  • Culture fuels or eats strategy.

Tweet your favorite #INBOUND15 marketing insight or what marketing advice would you add to this list.

Inbound 2015 marketing conference

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