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Video Production with Founder of Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

Posted by Alexis Bonilla on January 17, 2018

You’ve heard of creative storytelling - it comes in the form of movies, videos, books, and more. But what have you heard about creative storytelling for a business or company? You’ve probably seen it done, but haven’t heard much on how to do it with excellence. Well, we recently heard from someone who’s changing all of that. Storytelling for Entrepreneurs Founder, Lyn Graft, has been some of the world’s most iconic companies’ go-to guy when they want to tell their stories in an authentic way. Lyn has been recognized for his work across many prominent platforms.



He recently came out for a session with Cohort 6 in Austin to talk about video production and how they can use it to tell their stories. We wanted to share a little of what they got out of it.

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Lyn Graft teaching Cohort 6 about Video Production

“In videos, content is king.” - Lyn Graft

Our apprentices had a hands-on session with Lyn on video production and were even able to capture their own content throughout their time with him. As they captured the content, they were able to get feedback, learn about the equipment, and ask questions. After the session, the cohorts assembled into teams to compile their content and turn it into something great.

"Preproduction is where you save time and make things happen." - Lyn Graft

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Lyn Graft teaching Cohort 6 about Video Production

“Turn your inner critic on to look at your video content and ask yourself if your content isattention-grabbing, connection forming, and reaction-gaining.” - Lyn Graft

We’re excited to see what Cohort 6 puts together with what they learned from Lyn. We’re also excited to go further into our learning with Lyn through his book that is releasing soon! Connect with Lyn by signing up for updates and notifications on the release of his upcoming book!

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