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Video Production With Local Video Expert Brent Klein

Posted by Rachel Mathison on February 15, 2019

If you keep up with digital marketing trends, you know that video marketing has come to stay in 2019. Video marketing is a chance to connect with your audience in a compelling way with proven results: 82% of businesses see video as an effective part of their current marketing strategy (Wyzowl).

Our ATX5 Apprentices recently got the opportunity to put their video skills to the test with local video expert, Brent Klein. Brent is a Master of Motion with Creative Leverage, inc. in Austin. When asked what his intentions were for the session Brent responded, "I tried to emphasize the importance of determining what success looks like with a client. Creating fun but brand-aware content can be challenging if you're not exactly sure where the target is. You can't score if there's no goal. I find that setting expectations about what success will look like early on saves a ton of time and headache once production starts."

Brent showed the apprentices important video production concepts such as necessary tech, camera exposure, audio gear, and set up a couple different lighting setups for different kinds of interviews. Throughout the session they were able to ask questions, test the equipment and capture their own content. Everyone got a chance at being the director and sitting in the interview hot seat.

Video Production Blog Post
Brent helping apprentices conduct video interviews

"The complicated jargon and equipment are just tools for you to tell your story. It's important to know how to use a hammer but you don't need to know what it's made of to build a house." 

By the end of the session, the apprentices were excited to compile their own footage to turn into creative marketing content. We asked apprentices what they took away from the session with Brent and a couple of takeaways were:

  • "I’ve always been a fan of movies and how videos can communicate so much of a story with bits of creativity. But when it comes to shooting and editing, there’s lots of technical details that can get overwhelming. Brent was awesome at showing us exactly what we need to know in terms of setting up a shoot and how to make subjects look really good on camera."- Gerardo

  •  "The video session was highly interactive and immersive. It was useful to understand how much planning goes into video production. We all got a chance to play observer, interviewee, & interviewer and learn from experience on how to make a video emulate the vibe we were trying to produce with a few subtle but fundamental technical adjustments.”- Keenan 

Brent's highly interactive session on video was part of the Content Marketing portion of DCI's 12-month long digital marketing curriculum, which includes other key topics like Automation, Analytics, Data Science and Social Media, to name a few. 

If you're interested in learning more about how a DCI apprentice can add immediate value to your business, check out our case study and contact us today

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