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10 Reasons San Antonio is the Best Place to Launch a Marketing Career

Posted by Sarah Davis on September 1, 2015

When you think of San Antonio, hopefully you don’t just remember the Alamo. Although we do go by the name of Alamo City - a number of other reasons make this place awesome for living and growing. Here are ten reasons why we, and other local marketers, think San Antonio is the best place for recent grads to launch their digital marketing careers.

San Antonio Marketing Career

1. We’re a city on the rise.

Everything in San Antonio is growing. (Tweet this) Being the 10th fastest growing city in the country and leading the way as a center for technology and entrepreneurship, we’re rising to the top as one of the best cities overall. But why for marketing careers specifically? Keep reading.

“San Antonio is in a growth phrase - launching a digital marketing career here you can go ahead and not just follow the trail.” - Ajay Tejwani, Chief Storyteller, Digital Marketing Sapiens

2. USAA Headquarters.

We’re also know as Military City, U.S.A. home to Army and Air Force bases as well as the company serving their families. USAA employs one of the strongest marketing teams in Texas, which equals plenty of opportunity for marketers (not the mention all the smaller local marketing agencies).

3. The biggest ‘small town’.

Even though we’re a big city with over 2 million residents and counting, it still feels like you’re in a small town in the south. People really care and want each other to succeed. San Antonio is the hub of Tex-Mex cuisine (complete with massive fiestas) and home to the Spurs, pro basketball team with the highest winning percentage for any franchise in NBA history.

“San Antonio has this small town feel, where you can go work for companies but also have the support group to talk about it and build that discussion.” -Matt Pompa, Account Manager, Pear Analytics

4. It’s not the #1 destination of every other grad.

When you think of big cities to go to after your graduate for abundant job opportunities - do you think of San Antonio? Probably not, and neither do most people which is why San Antonio is the best. A plethora of opportunities abound without the intense applicant competition found in other cities. In fact, the millennial population growth here is faster than that of Austin, long respected as a hip city for young people.

“There’s a lot of young people here and it’s an exciting time to be here. There’s a vibrancy and sense of life in San Antonio.” - Andrew Hoing, Acemart (Tweet this)

5. Not just one industry-centered.

You can learn to market any kind of product or industry because of the organizational variety found here. Named the number one city for college educated millennials increasingly shaping our world, Forbes says, “San Antonio hits the appeal trifecta - a dynamic economy, employment opportunities, and affordable living.”

San Antonio is one of the best places to launch your digital marketing career because we have a foundation of innovation and creativity.” - Aurora Geis, Director of Marketing, Analytic Focus (Tweet this)

6. Diverse Population

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.27.21 AM.png

San Antonio provides a window into America’s changing population with ever increasing diversity. With over 50% of the population Hispanic, an incredible opportunity emerges for marketers to directly reach a demographic on the rise nationally. We would be remiss to overlook the remarkable cultural and historical aspects of the city - remember the Alamo? Numerous other Spanish missions are located along the San Antonio River basin, and just recently these historic buildings became recognized as a World Heritage site.

7. New jobs abound.

People keep moving here. San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities with a 3.2% job growth, making us #15 nationwide according to Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers. Actually, the rapid job growth in the tech almost exceeds the number of  skilled workers available to fill the positions. Basically, you are in demand as a marketer. This should be reason enough for you to come here and launch your career knowing positions are available with more created every day.

“San Antonio is an excellent place for a marketing career! My business has grown fast in 5 years and I'm always looking for talent.” -Melissa Aguillon, CEO, Aguillon & Associates PR


8. We value community over competition.

San Antonio is all about co-working and entrepreneurship. (Tweet this) Geekdom (home to DCI) is the largest co-working space in Texas. We also boast plenty of tech-education programs to train local talent and heavily encourage start-ups to take root here.

“There’s a bunch of small businesses that have banned together to collaborate and create bigger things. And there’s a lot of opportunity to be creative here and a business climate that is genuinely friendly and wants each other to succeed.” -Sara Helmy, CEO and founder, Tribu

9. World-class affordability.

World-class affordability means a young marketing professional can focus more on investing in your education and building up skills rather than worrying about rent. San Antonio ranks #6 nationally on the most affordable large cities to live.

10. Home to the first @DCITalent cohort.

Best of all, San Antonio is home to North America’s first ever apprenticeship program to train digital marketers. We wouldn’t start our program anywhere else because we know the Alamo City is ideal for aspiring digital marketers.

And now you love San Antonio just as much as we do, right? Join the conversation! #CityOnTheRise

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