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3 Reasons Liberal Arts Majors Should Consider Digital Marketing Careers

Posted by Sarah Davis on April 19, 2016
Digital marketing

Technology is flying forward: are you flying with it? While the liberal arts are much-maligned as fields that aren't modern or marketable, Fast Company states that, "for technology to be truly brilliant, it must be coupled with artistry." As a liberal arts major, you bring the artistry. Here's how your arts degree can help you build your digital marketing career.

1. You Have Well-Honed Interpersonal Understanding

Liberal arts majors are astute students of people. You may study the past to develop an understanding of history and politics. You may study literature, looking at the motivations of different characters. You may study philosophy and psychology to gain a deeper understanding of people, their quirks, and their arguments.

Digital marketing is the intersection of interpersonal understanding and digital technologies. CNN host Fareed Zakaria says that understanding the intersection of people and technology "depend on skills fostered by the liberal arts, such as creativity, aesthetic sensibility and social, political and psychological insight."

2. You Have Exceptional Research Skills

A liberal arts education requires an enormous amount of research. You know how to pull in sources, how to bring large amounts of material together into a concise argument, and how to communicate your message to others. In your digital marketing career, you'll use the same skills. You'll need to thoroughly research your audience in order to craft accurate personas and create compelling content.

Digital marketingClosely paired with research are your skills as a writer. Go beyond blogging to truly establish yourself as an authority in your field. Use your liberal arts background to do research that's of great value to your customers. According to the Search Engine Journal, "...Whitepapers are a great way to build your brand's authority. At an average of 6-8 pages, they're relatively easy to compile (or to outsource), but they convey an air of professionalism and authority that can be difficult to achieve using blog posts alone."

3. You Have an Eye for Design

Design is the unspoken language that draws your leads in and brings them back to your business pages and marketing materials. The design of your website, your ebooks, and your webinars is an integral part of your branding and your message. According to Entrepreneur, "Your site represents a critical component of your branding strategy: It communicates who you are, what you offer and what you promise (your brand) through its content, organization and appearance (the look and feel)."

As a liberal arts major, you've been exposed to design in many forms, from ancient art to modern videography. While you may not have considered taking this design knowledge and weaving it into a digital marketing career, having a strong sense of design can allow you to work easily with web and graphic designers and create materials that truly bring forward your message.

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