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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spring Break

Posted by Sarah Davis on March 1, 2016

summer-814679_1920.jpgWarm beaches are calling and the parties are there for the asking: what should you do on spring break? A spring break internship can change the path of your career, giving your insight into a company and into the directions that you'd like to take in school. This year, develop hands-on experience and create networks that will last far beyond your spring break.

1. Pack Up for a Week-Long Internship

"Help your boss succeed. This simple but powerful concept works every time." - How to Become a Digital Marketing Rockstar.

Can a week-long experience change your life? Go on a visit to explore your digital marketing niche. Before spring break, consider how you'd like to broaden your marketing horizons this year. Are you curious about coding or intrigued by inbound marketing? Research companies and individuals who work in the areas you'd like to explore and reach out to them. Look at their needs and determine if they have a short-term project that you could complete in-house or remotely. You'll gain valuable skills, and if you work diligently and contribute something of value, you could be on your way to a longer-term summer position or apprenticeship.

2. Get Cracking at Code School

office-work-1149087_1920.jpgSeriously: more school for spring break? It's time to look at learning as a stepping stone into your marketing career. What can you do to enhance your skills and give yourself an edge? According to HubSpot, "...Getting to grips with code and understanding the structures that bring your sites, apps, and tools to life will give you a better understanding of what is possible in the first place." Code School has fantastic and free courses that will make you a database and programming ninja. Of course, there are also zombies: Code School offers Ruby on Rails programming courses with titles such as Controllers Must Be Eaten. Yum?

Take a step toward marketing success and hone your inbound marketing skills.

3. Come On In!

"By aligning the content you publish with your customer's interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can then convert, close, and delight over time." - Hubspot

Turn traditional marketing on its head this spring break by heading to the warmer climes of the inbound marketing world. Inbound marketing is the way to draw leads in online by creating content that's of value to them. As a digital marketing professional, you'll need to be a savvy inbound marketer. One way to enhance your skills is to enroll in Hubspot's Inbound Certification. With 12 classes and 4.5 hours of video, you'll still have plenty of time for spring break relaxation. Looking for more? Peruse the 23 Best MOOCs for Elevating Your Digital Marketing Skills.

What are you doing this spring break? Why not take a deep dive into a career-boosting digital marketing encounter? Learn more about the DCI experience and apply to become an apprentice.

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