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5 Ways to Show a Potential Employer You're an Awesome Digital Marketer

Posted by Sarah Davis on July 14, 2015

trophy-2When you’re searching for the perfect job as a digital marketer, the first thing you need to do is show potential employers how you can solve their pain points-- how you can add value. Showing your awesomeness is actually not about you, it's about the potential employer and what you can do for them and their customers.

Your awesomeness is directly proportional to how focused you are on serving others. (Tweet this)

Take these 5 actions to demonstrate your value and expertise. 

1. Define who you are and what skills you can provide a potential employer

Start by jotting down your strengths and skills. List them all. Then identify key pain points in digital marketing that overlap with your skillset. Now succinctly summarize what problem you solve and for whom. Try using this simple formula to make your summary statements: “I solve [problem(s)] for [person].” Be specific with your problem and use personas or titles for each person (e.g. customer, marketing director, small business owner, etc.). Keep in mind this will be an ongoing process as you grow and further develop your expertise.

2. Create a digital portfolio and document your work

You will need a digital portfolio of work to demonstrate the competencies you just outlined (from step 1). This is your chance to show, rather than tell employers everything you’ve done. Look for new, challenging digital projects and freelance work to build an archive of material to showcase. The more real-life and mission-critical your projects are-- the better. Whether building a website or designing graphics, compile them in an easy-to-review location. Your portfolio should be focused on the problems you solve and engaging to review (show your creativity!). Combine examples of your best and most recent work with information about yourself and resume.

pathbrite_image-249538-editedCheck out this list of 8 Tools for Creating An Online Portfolio for an explanation of various sites such as LinkedIn, and WordPress as possible platforms for representing your work. Another easy to use and free tool for creating a digital portfolio is Pathbrite where you can customize your work samples for different audiences and potential employers. A great example of a digital portfolio is Brian Honigman’s, a content marketing consultant and leader in the field.

3. Establish and maintain social media presence

Another important tool as a hybrid marketer is to maintain a social media presence to cultivate your personal brand and indicate you’re apprised of what’s happening in your field. (Tweet this) For example, tweeting and retweeting relevant content for your speciality or following and engaging with digital marketing thought leaders, such as Jay Baer, Kerry Bodine and Seth Godin. Most companies and professionals have social media accounts and by engaging with them via your own Facebook or Twitter, it shows you care about digital marketing and more importantly, you want to make an impact.

4. Cultivate your writing skills on a regular basis

It’s likely you already write everyday with social media--which is great, but now it’s time to reframe it as an essential daily activity with the purpose of conveying yourself (and the solutions you offer) to the world. Ann Handley in her book Everybody Writes explains the importance of writing on a regular basis-- something imperative for digital marketers. “Your words are your Web currency: they are a proxy, a stand-in for the important things you want to convey to your customers, and the world,” Handley says. Develop a habit of writing at least 2 to 3 times or more per week via blog posts on your website or on social media.

5. Craft an elevator pitch

The elevator pitch, a 30-second snapshot of who you are and the skills you provide to a potential employer, is hard to craft yet vital for a job-seeker. Your elevator pitch as a digital marketer should do three things: address a problem, provide a solution, and prove your credibility. (Tweet this) Remember the pitch isn’t about you-- it’s about giving value so your listener will naturally want to start a conversation. Utilize the culmination of steps 1 through 4 to craft an intriguing, informative value proposition. For specific how-tos, check out Chris O’Leary’s 9 C’s for creating elevator pitches.

Define your skills, document your work, maintain social media presence, write daily, have an elevator pitch. (Tweet this)

Practice, revise, repeat

You might not be able to solve the world's problems, but you can solve at least one of a potential employer's problems. Begin solving for others today and your awesomeness will show.

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