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Highlights from Cohort 3 Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Posted by Sarah Davis on January 17, 2017

New year, new cohort of digital marketing apprentices in San Antonio! We’re stoked to welcome 7 new growth minded digital marketers to the apprenticeship experience.

Cohort 3 of Digital Marketing Apprentices in San Antonio

All 7 of the cohort 3 apprentices at Geekdom!

Cohort 3 kicked off with a weeklong bootcamp focused on building an inbound campaign and earning their HubSpot Marketing Software certifications. DCI partnered with Snackdot - a startup snack delivery platform - to create their first ever inbound campaign. As a new player, Snackdot is just beginning their marketing efforts and hired cohort 3 apprentice, Wes, to lead the way. During this past week the entire cohort collaborated to strategize their first inbound campaign to drive more leads. On Saturday the apprentices pitched the idea to Snackdot founder Chris Turner - and he was ecstatic with the plan.

Big news: for the first time with one of our cohorts - multiple apprentices are working at the same company! This will create an interesting dynamic for both the apprentices and partner company in furthering fostering teamwork in their marketing department. We’re excited to see what great things these apprentices will come up with.

Meet the apprentices below and check out their digital marketing roles:

Digital Marketing Apprentices San Antonio

Cohort 3 Digital Creative Apprentices After bootcamp the apprentices jump right into learning the SCRUM project management methodology and continue to build out their campaign for Snackdot. The best way to learn is through doing and building real-world projects.

Several apprentices earned their HubSpot Marketing Software Certifications. They’re now well-versed in marketing technology and a popular CRM. With the tools to build an inbound campaign from start to finish, the apprentices are ready to apply it in their various roles at our partner companies.

Check back in a few weeks to meet cohort of digital marketing apprentices - launching in Austin on February 9!

Are you interested in becoming an apprentice and having this awesome boot camp experience in either San Antonio or Austin? Start your application today!

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Digital Creative Institute group photo

The apprentices with Snackdot founder Chris Turner after their inbound campaign pitch!

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