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How These Marketers Conquered Data Visualization in Tableau in One Month

Posted by Sarah Davis on July 27, 2017

From AdWords to social media to ecommerce data, these digital marketing apprentices transformed raw data into concise and eye-opening visualizations and dashboards. They took this data a step further and added a layer of analysis using a top data science tool, Tableau. In any digital marketing role, reporting is essential and these digital marketers learned Tableau to enhance their data visualizations and analysis. 

IMG_7082.jpgInitial Expectations and Goals

The goal for all of our digital marketing apprentices was to demonstrate data visualization proficiency through creating a marketing dashboard in Tableau. After completing several weeks of training in Excel, the apprentices gathered and cleaned their own data. They then had 3 training sessions with experts at based in Austin, TX.

  • June 22 - Download Tableau Public and Start Training Videos
  • July 8 - Four hour Workshop with Certified Trainers to Develop a Sample Marketing Dashboard
  • July 18 and 20 - Two Additional Hours of Training to Refine Reports and Visualizations
  • July 22 - Completed Marketing Dashboard Demonstrating Proficiency of Tableau

Check out the completed dashboards each apprentice created in less than a month. Click the links to view them live on Tableau Public and use the interactive elements. Note: the data used in these dashboards has been anonymized and given fake company names. Although none of the apprentices use Tableau in their workplaces, they now have to skills and proof that Tableau is a powerful tool for reporting and understanding data.

AJ Ellis - Story of AdWords Shopping Campaign Data - view here

Using the story points feature of Tableau, AJ created a series of dashboard focus areas to chronologically show the user the performance of an AdWords Shopping campaign. This data is common to marketers who work for ecommerce businesses. Beginning in a high level dashboard, AJ takes the user into a scatterplot then completes the story in a table summarizing quarterly performance.Tableau ecommerce dashboard

Amantha Hons - Reporting on an Agency’s Social Media Performance - view here

Amantha developed features where the user can select which metrics they want to compare on either axis for impressions, engagement, and engagement rate - all essential to social media reporting. She then dove deeper on the scatterplot where the user can select the previously mentioned metrics, but choose which of the 10 channels to view. Using a combination of user radio select menus, dashboards, and story points, Amantha allows the user to choose their own metrics or follow along with the top metrics and reports Amantha chose.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.41.50 PM.png

Joseph Hwang - Analyzing Conversions from an eCommerce AdWords Client - view here

Joseph goes in depth into conversion rate data by city to determine which cities they should focus AdWords spending. He uses a series of story points to walk the user through top states for conversion and implemented a drill down feature to select a state and view data for all the cities in that state. Joseph also focused on cost-per-conversion to all discover if certain cities have high conversion and lost cost-per-conversion - one of the top insights an SEM Analyst can find.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.42.29 PM.png

Carla Sinfon - Visualizing Profit by Location and Category of Office Supply Store - view here

Carla focused solely on profit by category to draw insights on where the company should focus specific products. By using table drill downs and a simple bar chart, the user can see the majority of profit lies with technology products mostly in the United States. The user can also see which products by country, state, and city perform the best and the worst.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.42.44 PM.png

Learn Tableau like these marketers

As you saw above, the possibilities with Tableau are endless and highly applicable to marketing roles where reporting plays a big part. Want to improve your analytics, visualization and reporting skills just as these marketers did? Check out this post to see how to get started and learn more about the experts at who taught these marketing apprentices all things Tableau!

 Group Photo.jpg

The apprentices with our awesome instructor Joel Stellner in the middle!

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