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How To Know What Marketing Job Is Right For You

Posted by Sarah Davis on January 3, 2017

The marketing field is quite broad and for someone just graduating or changing career paths, the options for the future are exciting, but overwhelming. How do you decide where to go next? What type of job will allow you to use your skills and give you the best opportunities today and in the future?

Blog post images 600x300 (9).pngWhile everyone is different, and the number of jobs is huge, we’ve gathered a few potential career paths that you may want to consider as you start moving forward towards your goals. 

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Data Analyst 

To be a good data analyst, you must like working behind the scenes. You'll be in charge of collecting data and analyzing it for the firm you serve. Data allows you to pull information about success and failures in marketing. You're then in charge of communicating information to your team and helping them determine the best way to move forward. Analysts need to understand WHY your software does what it does during the collection process and you'll need to understand all the channels your organization uses for marketing.

SEO Specialist 

Attaining solid placement on search engines results lists is one of marketer's top priorities. If you work as an SEO specialist, you'll need to understand exactly how the search engines work and follow the latest trends so that your business’s website and other online properties will rise to the top. This is a very detailed-oriented position and one that's constantly changing. It's a great role for someone who likes technology and doesn’t mind working the angles. SEO often goes hand-in-hand with paid search so you'll also want to hone your skills in Google AdWords.

Content Marketing Specialist 

Content marketing is essential to all online marketing strategies. It's important that someone run content marketing campaigns who can tie all content together such as the blog, website and landing page copy, emails and eBooks. Content marketing is one of the perfect pairings of creativity and technology, and as a content marketing specialist, you will often be working with other creatives too—such as writers and videographers. If you are a creative, big-picture person, with top-notch writing skills you may find this is a good role for you.

Social Media Coordinator 

We all know the growing importance of social media strategy to any business. Think about companies today, big and small—they all use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as part of their marketing strategies. That means that more and more marketers are finding jobs operating these social media campaigns. To succeed in this role, you will need a keen understanding of the technology and analytics to measure social results. Also, you may also benefit from an appreciation of the social side of things yourself. After all, to succeed in this role, you will be guiding fans, customers, and others in conversation and sharing on the websites and apps.

Marketing Coordinator 

So, you want to do it all? Maybe working as a marketing coordinator is the role that fits your skills best. A marketing coordinator puts together all of the other elements into one big marketing picture. In this role, you will have a major impact on the day-to-day marketing efforts of the company that employs you. You'll need a wide range of sklls from analytics and SEO to writing and email marketing.

 Here's a full list of the 15 most common entry level marketing roles if you want to explore even more jobs.

Working in the marketing field means that you genuinely have more opportunities available to you than in nearly any other career path. So, if none of these ideas seem to be where you want to go, don’t fret—there are plenty of other options! Rest assured, if you are willing to work at it, you can find something that will allow you to fulfill all your career goals.

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