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Meet the 1st cohort of apprentices and our partner companies

Posted by Sarah Davis on January 26, 2016

Cohort 1 kicked off on January 4 with 6 apprentices and 6 digital marketing jobs at companies in San Antonio. DCI identified these candidates as high-potential future marketing leaders and then matched them up with growth-oriented companies in San Antonio looking for new talent. After completing a week-long bootcamp to learn the basics of digital marketing, our apprentices launched into their jobs to put their knowledge into practice. They are now immersed in the regular rhythm of full-time work combined with coaching and intensive study during evenings and weekends.

Here’s a little info about Cohort 1: the apprentices and their digital marketing jobs with our client companies.

The Apprentices

Apprentice_column_for_blog_post.pngSamuel Mills, Internet Marketing Specialist at Southwest Exteriors

From: Upland, Indiana

Education: Southwestern Assemblies of God University ‘15

About:  Sam is a passionate people person who loves to interact with people from different cultures who is constantly reading all kinds of books and learning new things. One of his greatest passions is helping people understand marketing principles to help them to achieve their goals.  

Moira Cozad, Content Strategist at Analytic Focus

From: Kansas City, MO

Education: Northwest Missouri State University ‘12

About: If you want to strike up a conversation with Moira, you may need to Google: Sporting KC, 965 The Buzz, Q39, Tikka House, Kansas City Royals and “pop”. 

Marc Cunningham, Inbound Strategy Intern at E-web Strategy

From: San Antonio, TX

Education: Texas State University ‘15

About: Marc is part news junkie, part comic book nerd and part tech savant. 

Victor Vo, Marketing Operations Specialist at DCI

From: Amarillo, TX

Education: Trinity University ‘15

About: Victor is excited to continue seeing how marketing transforms as technology advances. He’s even more excited about becoming an expert that can leverage marketing technologies to improve businesses.

Reese Garcia, SEM Manager at Pear Analytics

From: San Antonio, TX

Education: Baylor University ‘14

About: Reese appreciates good data as much as he appreciates a good novel. He's at his best when he's creating bridges between information and people, whether it's via search engine marketing, blogging about mindfulness, or - perhaps at some point  - performing standup comedy.

Jason Bryant, Marketing Coordinator at Plant Interscapes 

From: Lockhart, TX

Education: Texas A&M University '10

About: Jason fell in love with marketing on accident. After four years of being a conceptual photographer, he realized that he was  a marketer already and didn't know it until a friend pointed it out.


DCI Client Companies - Where Our Apprentices Work

Pear Analytics: a leading digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and analytics for small businesses.

E-webstrategy: an inbound marketing agency providing guidance, performance and simplification to their clients’ marketing strategy.

Plant Interscapes: the leading interior landscaping specialist in Texas.

Southwest Exteriors: a full service home contracting company specializing in the design and installation of top quality replacement windows, doors, and siding.

Analytic Focus: a research organization comprised of experts in statistics, finance and economics developing solutions for businesses or research problems.

Digital Creative Institute: a digital marketing apprenticeship program equipping students with the skills they need to enter the workforce and supplying employers with highly qualified talent.

We’re excited to coach our apprentices along in their 12 month digital marketing journey and see what skills they learn from our client companies. Cohort 2 launches in June and you can be a part of it - apply here! Also check out our listings for digital marketing jobs in San Antonio.

Marketing Jobs in San Antonio

 Want to learn more about the digital marketing bootcamp that our apprentices went through earlier this month? Watch the recap video here!

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