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Why every soon to be college grad should be Google Analytics certified

Posted by Sarah Davis on April 12, 2016
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As a recent marketing grad or college student, you're aiming to develop your digital marketing resume and portfolio. What certifications and experiences will boost your ability to find a job and achieve success in that position? Have you received your GAIQ (Google Analytics Individual Qualification)? Earning your Google Analytics certification can help you get a jump on your future career. Why is Google Analytics an essential part of your digital marketing training? Let’s explore.

What is the GAIQ?

The GAIQ is an exam designed to test your skills and understanding of Google Analytics. Analyzing a website is a critical skill that will assist you in becoming a savvy and sensible digital marketing innovator. You need information about your campaign’s effectiveness and how your websites are helping your company grow. Through data analysis, you can receive insight into these trends. According to Strategiq Marketing, "without a web analytics platform, you don't know what is happening on your website." It’s one thing to create content, but without analyzing its impact, the content has no meaning.

Master New Analysis Skills

When you take the Google Analytics Exam, consider this a core part of your digital marketing training. You will gain a host of key analysis skills. According to the Analytics Academy, this includes everything from how to create an analytics account to audience and behavior reports. The GAIQ exam will make sure you have the menu of skills required to do in-depth website analysis, and in the end a certification that provides proof of your competency.

See Trends

When you're a digital marketing student, you want to design marketing campaigns that succeed. With detailed insight into your campaign, you will be able to see your campaign’s strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly. Through analysis, your campaign will constantly change and improve over time given the data you receive from consumers and web traffic.

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You may understand why it's important that people stay on your website longer and that you reduce your bounce rate. However, further analysis can get you thinking more deeply about what these statistics actually mean. Understand the stats and understand their flaws as well. For example, a page that someone keeps open and ignores will get the same time allocated to it as a page that someone keeps open and reads. Studying these trends more thoroughly allows you to see the benefits of data and understand what it fails to tell you as well.

Add to a Company's Certification

According to the Houston Chronicle, "Having a Google Analytics certification makes you attractive to potential employers because you can help them become, and stay, certified as a Google Analytics Certified Partner." This allows companies to access specific technical support, product information, conferences, and official listings with Google. With your GAIQ certification in hand, you can be a company's ticket into business certification.

GAIQ Continues to Change

Over the months and years, the Google Analytics exam modifies to the frequently changing data analysis environment. When you certify or recertify, you ensure that your information is up to date. For example, the recent addition of app tracking allows you to analyze the performance of an entirely new dimension of a company's website and its business.

As an aspiring digital marketer, every new certification you achieve adds another layer of competency and experience to your portfolio. Download the Ultimate Google Analytics Exam Guide for Marketers and learn how to conquer the Google Analytics today!

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