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Experts Spill on Why San Antonio is Best for Aspiring Marketers [Video]

Posted by Sarah Davis on October 13, 2015

Diverse. innovative. affordable. growing.

Those are just a few words that describe San Antonio, TX, a city on the rise. We think San Antonio is the perfect place for launching a career in digital marketing - and we're not alone.

Watch the video to hear from local expert marketers why San Antonio is a hot spot for aspiring marketers!

San Antonio, TX   #Cityontherise


"There's a vibrancy and sense of life here." - Andrew Hoing 

"San Antonio has a foundation of innovation and creativity." - Aurora Geis

"The business climate is genuinely friendly and people want each other to succeed." - Sara Helmy


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 We made a list of 10 reasons why San Antonio is the top city to start your marketing career. Check it out here! 

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