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Start with the Employer First: Creating a talent solution that works for YOUR company

Posted by Brad Voeller on December 17, 2018


“I can’t find the digital talent I need for my business.” “Schools aren’t graduating the right skills!” “1 million more computing jobs than graduates to fill them.” We  frequently hear these complaints and ominous forecasts, but seldom see solutions that are really working. Is this because we are looking in the wrong place?
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Topics: For Small or Medium Enterprises

A Reaction to Millennial Debt (by a Millennial)

Posted by Matt Urban on September 13, 2018

A recent Lending Tree report on the average Millennial Debt (excluding mortgage) has been making the rounds on social media over the past couple days.

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Topics: For Small or Medium Enterprises, For Recent Grads

Using Scrum to Maximize your Marketing Team's Productivity

Posted by Jacqueline Villagomez on April 6, 2018

The development of a marketing campaign can be a grueling process when considering all the parts that need to be incorporated in order for the method to be successful. Marketing a new product or service can be a scary thought being that there’s no initial guaranteed profit/results. Several hours can go into a developmental plan but the outcome can still end up being less than satisfactory. Scrum is a way that your marketing team can transform their work process to be more efficient and worthwhile.

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The Importance of Marketing Analytics In SMBs

Posted by Joseph Hwang on November 15, 2017

Business owners of small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) often ask how they to increase their annual sales, and many turn to their marketing teams for suggestions. But how can company executives know for certain that the advice given to them encompasses a big picture strategy versus just a small segment?

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One Apprentice Leads to Another: Success at a San Antonio Agency

Posted by Brad Voeller on November 22, 2016

What happens when an apprentice is so successful an agency expands their operations to include more talent? They hire another apprentice.

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Your Best Marketing Job Hire May Not Be a Marketing Major

Posted by Brad Voeller on October 11, 2016

This article was edited on January 11th, 2019

Think you need a freshly minted marketing major to fill that entry level marketing position? Think again. The marketing world today is very different than it was 50, 20 or even five years ago. So are the skills needed to succeed in this complex and evolving field. It’s time to stop assessing candidates by their degrees and to start assessing them by whether they've got what it takes to make a meaningful contribution in the challenging 21st century marketing environment.

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